Hermione + Blue + ‘She’d rather fly through the sky than walk with the dead’
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Happy Halloween!

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I think it’s a pretty solid consensus that Nico di Angelo needs to be given cookies and wrapped in a blanket. And, I thought, who better to comfort him than his big sister? This is a song for all their years surviving together, for his years alone, and for his (hopefully) coming years surrounded by friends. This is a lullaby from Bianca to Nico, her soldatino.

Notes: Lyrics under the cut, best with headphones. Piano is not my first instrument, and Italian is my third language, so please bear with me. 

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When Percy had finished, Jason whistled appreciatively. “No wonder they made you praetor.”

Octavian snorted. “Which means we now have three praetors! The rules clearly state we can only have two!” art

I tried to say that’s not the only way
I never knew if I could face myself to change.
You were pacing I was insecure.
Slip and fall, I got the calls from the prison I’ve been living in.

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So I had a Leo mood.. who am I kidding I have a Leo mood quite frequentlyI was just thinking about how hard and how much Leo would work on creating stuff for saving some people…So I needed to draw some tired-as-shit Leo falling asleep at his workspace.

I just have this Leobbiloveyousomuch and I don’t think I want to deal with it. 

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